Staying Connected (The Right Way) This Holiday Season


My family on a holiday vacation.

Well guys, with Thanksgiving over and Christmas and New Years in the near future, I thought it was the perfect time for a holiday-themed post. So here I am to tell you how to stay connected the right way this holiday season. This time I won’t be instructing you to swear away the cell phones and laptops while celebrating. Instead, I’m going to give some pointers on how to use them effectively while spending time with family and friends. 


My cousin, me, and my sister — Christmas eve, 2012


  • Post every single plate of food on the table. Instead: post pictures of the people you’re sharing the food with, the process of making it, or dishes you’ve made/baked that you’re proud of.
  • Post simple selfies. Instead: find an Instagram savvy relative or friend and agree to take shots of each other. Get pictures in from of decorations, or maybe decorating your tree. If you do want to do holiday selfies put some meaning behind them. Show off a new holiday outfit, get creative in the snow, or sip on some hot chocolate.



  • Complain! Holidays are stressful for everyone. Don’t complain about weight, crowds, weather, or financial situations. You never know someone else’s situation and you’re complaining could trigger major stress for someone else. Instead: If you’re having negative thoughts and need to vent via Facebook status try and spin it as something positive. If you’re feeling chubby after a big dinner say how thankful you are to have plentiful amounts of food during the Holidays, not how “fat” you feel. If you’re low on cash because of presents say how great it feels to be spending money on people who matter to you, instead of on yourself.
  • Post holiday pictures or videos focused on guilt-tripping into donations. We all know those Sarah McLachlan commercials asking for donations for animal shelters. They not only make me cry almost every time I watch one but I also feel like crap that I don’t have money to donate. Yes, the holidays are the time for giving, but not everyone can. Instead: post uplifting, funny or cute pictures and videos. Instead of something like the link up there, post a video like this and add your own link to the organization or asking for donation.



  • Constantly check your phone at family events. Instead: Turn it off while with family. No text message is going to be as important as spending time with loved ones.
  • Send a group text to all of your contacts wishing them happy holidays. Instead: Send personalized and thoughtful texts to close contacts wishing them well during the holiday season. That one guy you sat next to freshman year and hung out with twice won’t notice that you didn’t wish him Merry Christmas.


My sister stealing my bacon last Christmas morning. Not very flattering, but definitely share-worthy. Kudos to my dad for capturing the moment.

  • Take time to call or Skype family and friends who are far away for the holidays.
  • Take lots of photos to preserve memories of good times and with loved ones. But remember not to worry too much about what you look like in them. The important thing is the experience and the memory, not whether you’re hair was a bit messed up or not.
  • Share fun moments on social media, but remember not EVERYTHING needs to go up. Don’t post 30 mediocre pictures of one event, post 5 amazing pictures of that event instead.

This is all of my advice to help get you through the holidays without being completely disconnected. Think of your technology as a tool to help you spread joy this Holiday season and stay connected with loved ones by sharing fun memories and moments. Don’t let it distract you from the moment.

As I said before, this is my last post for the blog. As of now, I am NOT planning on starting back up after the holidays. However, if you think I should or just enjoyed my posting, please send me a message or drop a comment letting me know. Who knows, I could change my mind! I had a wonderful time posting and I hope all are able to take something away from this blog. I know I learned a lot over these last couple of months and I’m glad I had people to share my experiences with.

Signing out,


Me and Lucy, thanking all of you lovely followers and readers for sticking with me through the semester.


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