Bonding over Burritos

This week I got a lovely surprise when one of my good friends came up to visit from Kansas City. So she, my sister, and I decided to go out to get some Mexican food and catch up on things. I took the opportunity to turn it into a disconnected experience. We all agreed to put away our phones (after some convincing) for the hour and a half(ish) of dinner. We were never bored, there was never an awkward silence, and none of us missed any life-changing text messages or phone calls. We all got to catch up on each other’s lives and had a really good time.

Thinking about it now, I can’t remember the last time I sat down for dinner without someone checking their phone. How often do we sit at a table filled with loved ones and friends and completely ignore them to text someone back or check what’s new on Facebook? It’s actually kind of rude. Trust me, I’m guilty of it too. But what’s the worst that could happen if we make whoever just text us wait an hour for a response? It probably won’t be the end of the world. Do yourself and your friends a favor and the next time you go out to dinner, turn off your phone! You guys could even make a game out of it. But please, be present when you’re with loved ones. Especially when you don’t know when the next time you’ll see them is. Nothing says ” I care about you” and “you’re important to me” like listening.

I’m going to leave you guys with a spoken word film called “Look Up.” It really does a good job of showing us what we miss when we fail to look up from our phones every once in a while.

Disconnect from the need to be heard and defined. Go out into the world, leave distractions behind.” – Gary Turk


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